Happy Birthday!
Rae Bower - 18-Black - July 13th
Mya Snapp 15-Bk - July 14th
Coach Shawn Purnell - July 16th
Sofia Kerby 16-White - July 17th
Brooke Dawson 13-Black - July 20th

Attendance at Practice
Attendance at practice is critical. Even with excused absences, you team is
still practicing and developing a chemistry that will allow your coach to
determine a rotation and the best fit for each player. Poor attendance will
affect tournament playing time. Poor attendance includes arriving late and
leaving early.  We understand illness and school functions, and while most
players have not missed a practice, there are a few who have missed four or
more practices.  Please be sure to attend every practice for your team.
Southside Swarm Volleyball Club, Inc.
Club Fees - The Southside Swarm Volleyball Club, Inc. is a Non-Profit
salaries, equipment, facility rental, uniforms, tournament entry fees, etc. Our goal
is to provide the best possible club volleyball experience for each player, while
keeping the associated club fees as low as possible.
Teams - Please do not bring friends to practice. We have
limited space and friends can present a distraction.
Attitude is Everything
Ankle Injuries - Article from USA Volleyball
Fan Behavior Letter from HOA
Club families are encouraged to support those businesses that are involved with The
Swarm. To get your information posted, please send an
email to The Swarm with your
business name, a brief description, phone number(s), email address and a logo
(optional - gif or jpeg format). It's free!
Maps and Directions
Map to Holy Spirit Church Gym
Map to Lee's Summit Community Christian School Gym
Map to Mill Creek Upper Elementary School Gym  
Directions to Mill Creek from Holy Spirit
Map to
Community of Christ Church Gym
Map to St. John Francis Regis Gym
Map to Creekmoor Elementary Gym
Map to
Timber Creek Elementary Gym
Map to
Bridal Ridge Intermediate Gym
Click here for directions to tournament locations
The History of Volleyball - It's 114 Years Old
Teams that have the first practice of the night - Please do not arrive
more than 15 minutes before your practice start time.
Also, Do Not Park in the circle drive way.
Welcome to the Southside Swarm Website
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Chocolate Age
Try It!
(Chocolate Math)
The Swarm is recognized by the IRS as a Not-For-Profit Corporation.
That means that all donations are tax-deductible. The Swarm solicits both corporate and
individual donations to offset player fees. As a result of donations, the value each player
receives is far greater than the individual player fee.
Tournament Food Facts - Coach James Hart
Limiting errors is more important than hitting it big!
Video - The Greatest Volleyball Player Ever
This individual is a back row player that sets and hits his own set - and the
ref did not catch it! Link: Best spike by setter
Swarm 15 Black Wins
Club Bear!
Team wins tournament - coach
wears dress and make-up on a bet!
Parking at practice - Please do not park in the circle
drive at the church. The circle drive is for drop off and
pickup only.
Swarm Players attend AVP & meet
Olympic Gold Medalist Kerry Walsh
Jersey Care Instructions
Please read and follow the jersey care
Do NOT put your jerseys in the clothes dryer!
Southside Swarm Volleyball Club, Inc. - A Non-Profit organization
Church Facilities - Please stay by the gym during practice.
The church has asked that we do not use the meeting rooms
and other church areas.
Dryer Damage
Contact The Swarm via email              Site Map               Holy Spirit Church Gym Map
IMPORTANT REMINDER - The Swarm is a competitive volleyball club. Your
club fees pay for coaching, facilities, equipment and uniforms. Tournament
playing time is bonus and is at the sole digression of the coach.
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