Additional Expenses
The Swarm strives to avoid any hidden expenses. In addition to your player fees, you should
expect the following expenses for the 2018-19 club ball season:

1. You are required to sign up and pay your $50 USAV membership fee directly to USAV.

2. You will be required to pay a jersey deposit of $100 before jerseys are distributed. You will
receive your deposit back at the end of the season when you turn in your jerseys in good
condition - normal wear expected. The deposit may be in the form of cash or a check. If your
deposit is in the form of a check, The Swarm will hold your check as the deposit and either (a)
- return it to you when you turn in your jerseys (in good condition), or (b) - deposit the check in
the event you damage your jerseys or do not turn your jerseys back into the club.

3. You must provide black spandex shorts, socks, ankle protection (optional) and appropriate
volleyball shoes.

4. You must get to each practice and all tournaments. If you decide to get a hotel room the
night before a tournament, you will be responsible for that expense as well.

5. If your team enters any out of town or two-day tournaments, you will be expected to pay
your equal portion of the coach's expenses (ex: $120 per diem divided by nine players equals
$13.34 per player). Out of Town is defined as a location far enough away that a player or
coach should not be expected to drive there in the morning before the tournament. The
Swarm will designate which tournaments are Out of Town. An example - Topeka is
considered Out of Town - it is a reasonable drive the morning of the tournament.
Springfield is considered Out of Town. The majority of tournaments will be in town.