What Should I look for when comparing teams and clubs
1. Number of players per team.
2. Number of tournaments included in the player fee - do not include tournaments that are dependant on sponsorship.
3. Are multi-day and qualifier tournaments included - MLK, Gold/Silver Heart, Regional Bid, National Qualifier
4. Overall Club Fee and what's included - warmups, jerseys, clubwear, etc. Are you required to buy clubwear?
5. Number of practices and total hours of practice per week.
6. Coach qualifications and resume (Bio).
7. Are players required to do fundraising for the club or purchase fundraising supplies and/or tickets?
8. Are you required to sign a contract? Does the contract attempt to limit your ability to complain about issues with the
club, team or coach?
Club Reputation - does the club deliver what was promised?
Tryouts for 2018-2019 Season
Club Fees - The Southside Swarm Volleyball Club, Inc. is a Non-Profit organization. Our player fees are based on actual club
expenses - including coach salaries, equipment, facility rental, uniforms, tournament entry fees, etc. Our goal is to provide the best possible club
volleyball experience for each player, while keeping the associated club fees as low as possible.
2018-19 Player Age Eligibility Guide
How does The Swarm Compare
Evals for 2018-19 Teams in April 2017
Want to play on a Swarm team in 2018-19?
The Swarm will start filling our teams at the conclusion of the 2017-18 season
(April 2018). To be considered for a Swarm team, please
email us or call
816-739-8107 to be added to our contact list. Team details may be found in
the links below. Note: The Swarm does
NOT charge for player Evaluations.
Click on the individual team for more details - when available
Swarm Teams Planned for 2018-19 Season
HOA Sanctioned Tryouts - July 7-15, 2018
2018-19 HOA Player Commitment Policy
Formal Swarm Tryouts for the 2018-19 Season
The Swarm will host a formal HOA-Sanctioned tryout to finish filling our teams
on Thursday, July 12th. Age groups and times to be posted at a later date.