HOA Junior Tournament Issues posted 01-16-2007 12:56

A few weeks in the season and several incidents at tournaments have already
been brought to our attention: facilities are being trashed and vandalized, staff is
being treated disrespectful, lied to and harassed. Rules are ignored. Food and
coolers are brought in through emergency exits. Siblings of players roam without
supervision through facilities and cause damage. And more issues like that.

We have to keep in mind that we are guests in those facilities. The privilege of
using those gyms can easily be revoked. A few tournaments have already been
cancelled for these reasons. The result is less tournaments and increased costs.

Tournament directors have the right to remove players, coaches, teams or fans
from the facilities. If needed police can be contacted to assist with this.
Tournament directors also have the right to refuse tournament entries from teams
or clubs who have caused problems at previous events. This includes their fans.

All club directors should inform their coaches about the consequences of bad
behavior by their teams and fans. Coaches have the duty to inform the players
and parents of the expected behavior and make clear that their team may be
banned from tournaments if rules are not followed.