Swarmy - Mascot of the Killer Bees!

A trusted friend - Swarmy (and his friends) are loyal
supporters of the Southside Swarm Volleyball
Club. Like the bees and their hive, our coaches
teach our players to be aggressive, yet work
together as a team.

Swarmy has lots of team spirit. He and his friends
keep the website decorated for special occasions -
including dessing up and getting into the fun!

If you have any ideas for Swarmy, please
click here
to send them directly to Swarmy. He'll bee
extremely grateful!
Swarmy's baby picture - in his car seat.
One of Swarmy's helpers.
Now playing - Flight of the Bumble Bee
Captain Swarm
Swarm Doggie
Southside Swarm Volleyball Club, Inc. - A Non-Profit organization