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Super Saturday & Officiating Clinics
The HOA Online Officiating Clinics for the 2018-19 season are not yet
availabnle. Note that all Swarm players and staff are required to complete the
online officiating clinics by December 15th.

To start your clinics: Logon to your Webpoint account. Go under Region
Clinics to Region Ref/Score Clinics. Find the appropriate clinic and click on
Register Now!

Once you have registered, you can start taking the clinics. If you logoff and
come back later, you just click on the USAV Academy button and you will get
back to your clinics.

We suggest you complete the clinics as soon as possible so you do not have to contend with the
massive amount of users in December (and the associated slow system). There have been some
significant rule changes since last season, so watch the videos carefully.
Please notify your club
director by
email when you have completed your clinics.