2007-2008 Swarm Season
For the 2007-2008 club volleyball season The Swarm had eight
12-1 Juniors                        14-2 Juniors
13-1 Juniors                        15-1 Juniors                                     
13-2 Juniors                        16-1 Juniors
14-1 Juniors                        17-1 Juniors

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Swarmy says "Oh Yea!"
Swarm 12-1 Finishes
2nd at Okun Fieldhouse
Sunflower Slam -
Swarm 12-1 Juniors finished 1st in
Pool play at 7-1 and ended up 2nd
out of ten teams overall on Sunday
at The Sunflower Slam. Of note -
Haleigh Schroeder made 34 of 36
serves for an amazing 94%! Sarah
Perfect made 35 of 39 for 90%!Great
job team. We are proud of you!
Swarm 13-1 Gold
Finishes 2nd at Topeka
March Madness -
Swarm 13-1 Juniors finished
2nd on Sunday at The Topeka
Sportzone March Madness
Volleyball Tournament. What
a day! You make us proud!
Swarm 13-1 Juniors
Swarm 12-1 Juniors
Swarm 12-1 Juniors
win Topeka Juniors
- Finish
first out of 15 teams!
Congrats girls and
Coach Lind. We are
proud of you!
Oh Yea...Swarm 14-2
Juniors Win BVAC
Tournament 14-0
Congrats team - you
make us proud!
FIRST PLACE 12-1 Juniors
Topeka Juniors Invitational - 1/12/2008
FIRST PLACE 14-2 Juniors
BVAC Tournament - 1/12/2008
Swarm 13-1 Gold
Finishes 1st at
CMVBC Winter
Blast -
 The Swarm
13-1 Juniors finished
1st on Saturday at
The CMVBC Winter
Blast Volleyball
Tournament. We are
proud of you!
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Sunday - January 27, 2008  Results & Pics
There are players
that want it to
There are players
that make it