2006-2007 Swarm Season
For the 2006-2007 club volleyball season The Swarm had four
12-1 Juniors
13-1 Juniors
16-1 Juniors
16-2 Juniors

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Swarm 12-1 Juniors Finish 1st
overall at Holden Volleyball
Tournament on Saturday!  10-1 set
total and Paige Dosch serves 25
consecutive points as Swarm 12-1
defeats opponent 25-0.
Swarm 16-1 Juniors Finish 1st at
Holden Volleyball Tournament on
Sunday!  Great job ladies!
Swarm 13-1 Juniors Finish 3rd overall at BVAC on Saturday!
Swarmy says "Oh Yea!"
Volleyball Poem By Kaylin Wormsley 13-1 Juniors