Fan Behavior
                      HOA Rule Amendment

Fans are asked to use common sense and behave responsibly while attending an HOA
sanctioned volleyball event. Enjoying the competition, enthusiastically celebrating, yelling and
cheering for a team is welcomed and encouraged. Actively cheering against any team is not welcomed.

Inappropriate language or action that is disruptive to a sportsman-like atmosphere, or
interferes with a player, coach or official’s participation is unacceptable. Examples of unacceptable fan
behavior are; but not limited to:

*  Obscene words or gestures,
*  Racial, ethnic or sexually oriented comments,
*  Celebrating the errors or misfortune of participants.
*  Attempting to distract or interrupt a participant’s concentration.
*  Harassing participants i.e. booing, jeering or yelling at individuals.

HOA asks all fans, parents and coaches to encourage good sportsmanship and to remind each other
when needed and before an official response becomes necessary. It is strongly
recommended that teams informally monitor and correct their own fan behavior. Teams,
represented by their captain/coach, will be held responsible for any delays brought about in officially
responding to disruptive fan behavior.

If an official becomes aware of disruptive fan behavior the following guidelines will be used to resolve
the situation. The official will communicate to the captain or coach that there is disruptive fan behavior
and direct the captain/coach to inform their fan(s) that the behavior needs to change immediately.
This will be considered the team’s first official warning and will be recorded as a team delay warning on
the scoresheet.

A second incident of disruptive fan behavior in a match will result in a team delay penalty (TYC) and
the official will encourage the captain/coach to have their disruptive fan(s) leave the gym to avoid
further incident.

A third incident of disruptive fan behavior in a match will result in the suspension of play
and default of the match by the team responsible for the delays. Exception: If this occurs in game 2 of
a two game match i.e. pool play, the offending team will default only game 2.

If a team’s captain/coach discovers that the disruptive fan(s) are not their fan(s), they should
report this to the match officials. The Tournament Director will be informed and assist in
finding the correct team’s captain/coach to deal with the disruptive fan(s). This will be
considered their first official warning and be assessed and recorded on the scoresheet for that team’s
next scheduled match. In circumstances where the offending team is not scheduled to play another
match; the captain/coach is still responsible to direct their fan(s) to discontinue disruptive behavior
immediately or leave the gym. If the captain/coach can not be located or identified the Tournament
Director will communicate this to the fan(s).

Any disruptive fan behavior incidents must be reported to the HOA office, by the Tournament Director,
in writing, within 48 hours.