Club Policies and Guidelines

The Swarm is a competitive volleyball. This means that we will strive to build the most competitive team possible. To be
considered for one of our Swarm teams, players must tryout. All tryouts will be open and will be held per HOA rules. The
Swarm will be as honest and straight forward as possible in disclosing the planned teams/age groups and the number of
player openings and positions available for each team prior to tryouts. Tryout times and locations will be posted on The
Swarm website, HOA website, and advertised on flyers posted around the area. Additionally, The Swarm will maintain a
Tryout Notification email distribution list. Perspective players may sign up on The Swarm website - www.southsideswarmvbc.

On the day of tryouts, players must complete the registration process before they will be allowed to try out.  The registration
process includes the following:

  • Registration Form
  • Medical Release Form
  • $10 tryout fee

As part of your registration you will be given a number to pin onto the back of your shirt. This is the number we will use to
identify you and note your performance during tryouts. The Swarm will also take a digital picture of each player (waist up)
holding their number. This picture will be used during discussions to assist the team selection staff during the team
selection process at the end of tryouts.

Tryouts will begin with a brief talk to parents and players about  The Swarm, what you can expect from the "club ball"
experience, how the actual tryouts will be handled, and the player selection and acceptance process.

Next, the actual volleyball tryouts will begin. We will ask the girls to perform various drills to show their individual talents. We
will be looking for agility, attitude and coach-ability - as well as basic volleyball skills. Near the end of the tryouts we will have
a scrimmage to give the girls a chance to perform in a game situation.

At the completion of tryouts The Swarm will post the numbers in the hallway of those individuals being offered a position. If
your number is on the list, we ask that you proceed immediately down the North hallway to the club table and acknowledge
the offer. You
DO NOT have to accept the offer at this time - only acknowledge the offer. If you received an offer, this will
also be your opportunity to ask questions. If you
DO NOT acknowledge the offer, The Swarm will assume that you are not
interested in the position and your position will be offered to another player. Players offered a position may accept the
position at that time, or the player may choose to wait on acceptance until the completion of tryouts that weekend. Once a
position is offered and acknowledged, The Swarm will hold the position for that player until 4:00 P.M. Monday afternoon. If
the player has not accepted the position by 4:00 P.M. Monday afternoon, The Swarm may offer that position to one of the
alternates. In consideration of the club and the alternates, we ask that players offered a position on The Swarm and accept
a position on another club, notify The Swarm as soon as possible so that their position may be offered to another player. In
the event that one or more of those offered a position decline, or we are not able to reach them, we will then start to call
alternates. If you are an alternate, you may not receive a call until as late as Monday or Tuesday night following tryouts.
Once the team is complete we will post a message on our website.