Tournament Logistics - Tournaments generally last all day and start at 8:00 A.M. Regardless of the time of the team's
first game/officiating assignment, players should arrive by 7:15 to warm up and/or prepare to officiate.
Tournament information will be made available on the website for each tournament. The information will include pool
information, driving directions, tournament food list info, etc. Directions may also be obtained from the
HOA web site.

Tournament Structure - A standard tournament is divided into two portions - pool play and bracket play. The
tournament will start with each team playing 4-5 matches of pool play with two sets per match. The pool play results will be
used to seed the brackets for single-elimination bracket play in the afternoon. Bracket play will be best 2 of 3 sets in a
match. The third set will not be played unless needed. All sets are rally scoring. The first two sets to 25 points - starting
with 4 points per team. The third set is to 15 points (starting at zero) and teams switch sides after the first team scores 8
points. In addition to playing, each team must ref and score other matches during both pool play and bracket play.

Team Area - Upon arrival, the team will identify a team area where the girls can leave their bags and hang out between
playing and officiating. The area may be a room or simply a spot in a hallway. Either way, the team area represents our
club and should be kept neat and organized at all times. Most girls will bring some type of blanket and/or pillow, a book,
an mp3 player or other items to help pass the time between events. Remember, the team area is not secure and
valuables will be left at your own risk. Also, be sure to properly dispose of any trash and leave the area as we found it
when the tournament is over.

Tournament Food - Most tournaments offer some type of concessions. However, the food tends to be somewhat
expensive - especially when you consider all members of your family in attendance. Therefore,
in facilities that will allow it,
our club will organize a tournament food list with items for each player to bring to that tournament. The food will be kept in
our team area and everyone associated with our team will be welcome to have their share. We do ask that you let the
players have first access to the items since they must coordinate meals and snacks with their playing and officiating
schedule. The tournament food list for your team is available on your team's page of the Swarm web site.
Please bring
only those foods on the food list
. Your coach or team parent will notify everyone if the list will be used for that
PLEASE RESPECT THE FOOD POLICIES OF THE FACILITY. If outside food is not allowed - please honor
their policy.

Behavior – Players and parents are expected to respect the facility, officials and other teams. Remember, you represent
our club. Please read the
HOA Fan Behavior Letter on the Swarm web site.

Parent or Guardian - All players must have a parent or guardian in the facility at all times during the tournament. There
are LOTS of people at the tournament and your coach will have enough responsibilities without having to keep track of all
of the players ALL DAY.

Family Sport - Club Volleyball is a family sport – parents are encouraged to get to know one another and the club staff.  
During the volleyball season we are one big family and we will spend long hours together during both practice and
tournaments. Let's all have fun together!

Tournament Playing Time - Remember, in competitive volleyball the emphasis is on fielding the most competitive team
possible – much like a high school team. Participation is not a factor. In competitive volleyball you are paying for
participation in practice, coaching, and individual player development ONLY. Tournament playing time is bonus and at the
digression of the coach. During tournaments, The Swarm will coach to win - particularly during the bracket play portion of
the tournament.

Inclement Weather - In the event of inclement weather, players should check the web site for notice of tournament
cancellations. Note that tournament cancellations are rare since it is extremely difficult to reschedule a time when all of
the teams are available.

Parent Feedback - Parents are asked NOT to offer instructional feedback to the players during competition. Feedback
from individuals other than the coach may be contradictory and cause confusion and/or problems for the player and the
team. Many times the coaching staff has a teaching sequence to develop a team over a period of time. The Swarm will
focus our efforts to train volleyball players and develop winning teams. Our hope is that, while we work toward this goal,
you will assist us by encouraging and supporting the players and the coaching staff. This would include positive
comments from parents in the stands toward The Swarm players and coaches, as well as the competition and the
officiating teams. If you have a concern or question, please be willing to discuss this with the coaching staff at an
appropriate time and place. Parents should ensure that they provide a role model that their child can emulate.

Playing Schedule - The playing schedule will be posted by the tournament director a few days prior to the tournament.
However, the playing schedule is subject to changes right up to the start of the tournament. Please check the posted
schedule upon arrival at the playing location. The schedule format will be as follows:
| |
Match 1 =>
(BVAC view)
<= Match 1
(Swarm view)
The teams are pooled on the left side (teams 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) - generally based on ranking. However, tournament
directors frequently adjust the pooling for various reasons. The Playing Schedule is on the right side. In this example, at
8:00 AM team 1 (Sedalia VBC 16-3) plays team 4 (Static Volleyball Club 16-3). Team 2 (Southside Swarm VBC 16-1) is
the officiating team. The next match starts 10 minutes after the completion of the previous match.

Match Results - Match results will be posted at a designated location for all tournaments. A sample Match Results
Sheet is included below. A blank Match Results Sheet is printable from you Swarm Team Page for those who want to
track the results on their own.

1. The teams in the pool are listed across the top and down the left side.

2. The results of each match are recorded twice - once for each team. In the example below see BVAC vs Swarm. For
BVAC, the results are posted by finding BVAC in the left column and then moving across the line to the box under Swarm.
Note that BVAC's scores are posted first in this box. For this match, BVAC lost set 1 by a score of 12 to 25 (losing by 12
points). BVAC lost set 2 by a score of 21 to 25 (losing by 4 points). The points delta of -16 is also listed in the box. The
points delta will be explained later. The results for the same match are also posted for The Swarm by finding Swarm in
the left column and then moving across the line to the box under BVAC. Note that The Swarm's scores are posted first in
this box. From The Swarm's perspective, The Swarm won set 1 by a score of 25 to 12 (winning by 12 points). The Swarm
also won set 2 by a score of 25 to 21 (winning by 4 points). The points delta of +16 is also listed in the box. Again, the
points delta will be explained later. The Swarm's box must be the exact opposite of BVAC's box for that match.

3. Match Wins, Losses and Points (delta) are tallied in the columns on the far right. In a 5 team pool, each team will play
four matches (8 sets). Therefore, the total of Wins and Losses for each team must total 8.

4. Pool results are based on total wins in the pool. The team with the most set wins is awarded first play in the pool - and
so on. In the event of a tie between two or more teams, we first look at head-to-head records first. In the example of
BVAC vs The Swarm, The Swarm would win the head-to-head since The Swarm won both sets in head-to-head play. If
BVAC and The Swarm had split the sets by each team winning one set, we would then look at total points in the
head-to-head match. An example of this can be seen in the match of The Swarm vs KC Twisters. In this match The
Swarm lost the first set 21-25 (-4)h but lost the second set 25-17(+8). This give The swarm a total points delta of +4 for
the match and The Swarm would win the tiebreaker. It is possible for a match (not set) to have a total points delta of zero.
In this case we would look at the Total Points for the two teams in the columns at the far right. If these are equal we would
generally have one playoff game to determine the winner.

Important note - the Total Points in the column at the far right are often a good indicator of the teams performance for the
tournament. The higher the points delta (positive only) the better the team's performance. Of course it starts all over
again in the afternoon during Bracket Play!