Club Policies and Guidelines
End of the Season Returning Player Policy

At the end of each club season The Swarm will assess each team to plan for the success of the club for the next season.
Factors include but are not limited to such things as overall team performance, overall team chemistry, individual player
skills and growth potential, player advancement as it relates to the next season, the players role on the team for next
season, and how that player and family work within the team and club structure.

At the completion of each season, some players may be asked/offered to make a verbal and/or written commitment for the
following season. Players will be provided with an explanation of their expected role for next season’s team as we foresee it
at the end of the season. If accepted, we would ask that those players to honor their verbal commitment as The Swarm will
honor our commitment. Once a player and their family accept a position, the player may then be invited to off season
training sessions in an effort to develop their skills and continued relationship with the club. If a player does not receive a
commitment offer,  it is not an indication that The Swarm will not invite the player back for tryouts or consideration at a later
date. We will do our best to work with players and families that work hard and are committed to The Swarm.

If a player and their family are unsure of their commitment level, we ask that they refrain from either signing their letter of
commitment or making a verbal commitment to The Swarm. Our efforts over the off season months are to develop stronger
teams within the club and, like most people, our time is limited. Unfortunately, our commitment and loyalty must be to
develop those players who are willing to commitment and work hard to our common goal of stronger teams and to develop
an elite junior volleyball club.

In some situations players from current teams may not asked/offered to make a verbal and/or written commitment. This
does not necessarily mean that player has been removed from the club. It could mean several things - some examples
include an effort on the part of the club to secure a core group and relying on tryouts for filling remaining positions. Some
current players may need to show improvement and/or development over the off season months for further consideration at
tryouts. Any players needing clarity on these matters are encouraged to contact The Swarm staff.

If a player chooses not to maintain their relationship with The Swarm, we will severe our communications with that player as
it relates to competing with our club. It is our hope that players who leave the club, for whatever reason, continue to play
and grow in the sport of volleyball. We wish all former players the “best of luck” as they pursue their own goals.

We encourage players and their families to communicate with The Swarm staff if there are any questions or concerns.