Club Policies and Guidelines

Practice is critical to the team’s success and participation must be taken seriously. Plan on arriving five-to-ten minutes
before the start of practice so that everyone is ready to warm up and play at the scheduled practice time. Players should
wear appropriate volleyball attire,
NO JEWELRY and hair pulled back as required.

Players are expected to attend all practices. Only a genuine family emergency or illness serious enough to keep a player
home from school are legitimate excuses for missing practice. Likewise, if a player is to sick to attend school that day,
they should not attend practice. It is the player’s responsibility (not the parent’s) to contact the coach and inform him/her
of their situation
BEFORE the scheduled practice. Regardless of the reason, if a player misses a practice, their playing
time may be affected.

Parents are welcome to watch all practices. However, the Club asks that all individuals (parents, siblings, etc) sit quietly in
designated area in the gym so as not to disturb or distract the players. Do not use the sports equipment, gym space, etc.
for any reason. With the exception of restrooms and the gym, all players and families must not enter any other areas of
the school to include hallways, classrooms, storage rooms, etc. Violations of this policy may result in The Swarm losing
our privilege of the use of the facility. Players and/or family members found in violation of this policy may face disciplinary
action up to and including dismissal from the club.  

In the event of inclement weather, players should check the web site for notice of practice cancellations.

Parents are asked NOT to offer instructional feedback to the players during practices or competition. Feedback from
individuals other than the coach may be contradictory and cause confusion and/or problems for the player and the team.
Many times the coaching staff has a teaching sequence to develop a team over a period of time. The Swarm will focus
our efforts to train volleyball players and develop winning teams. Our hope is that, while we work toward this goal, you will
assist us by encouraging and supporting the players and the coaching staff. This would include positive comments from
parents in the stands toward The Swarm players and coaches, as well as the competition and the officiating teams. If you
have a concern or question, please be willing to discuss this with the coaching staff at an appropriate time and place.
Parents should ensure that they provide a role model that their child can emulate.

Practice Rules

1. Parents may drop off their child for a regularly schedule practice. However, The Swarm asks that the parent walk the
child into the practice facility and verify the presence of the coach and the practice end time before leaving their child.

2. Chewing gum at practice or tournaments is not allowed.

3. NO JEWELRY whatsoever may be worn at practice.

3. Players are not to leave the gym or immediate practice area without first receiving permission from the coach.

4. Gear bags, coats and other personal items should be left in the designated area and stowed neatly as not to represent
a safety hazard. Do not bring expensive personal items to practice. The Swarm cannot be responsible for personal items.

5. All players, parents and family members are asked to stay in the immediate practice area and not wander through the
other areas of the facility. The Club is responsible for the facility and associated equipment during our practice times. Any
damage, mis-use or complaints by the facility employees or representatives could cause the Club to loose the privilege of
using the facility.