Club Policies and Guidelines
General Club Rules

1. Respect your coach, team mates and club officials.

2. Always give 100%

3. Never kick the volleyball.

4. Never hang on or touch the net.

5. Respect the facility and the property of others.

6. Attitude is EVERYTHING - and an attitude is contagious!

7. All players and parents should note that we are a club and a team both on and off the court. Be sure to always have a
positive attitude and support your club/team mates. Remember, you represent the club at practice, tournaments AND at
school. Set a good example and make us proud!

8. All players, parents and accompanying friends/family members are expected to behave in a responsible manner.
Determination of what is responsible and acceptable lies solely with The Swarm.

9. Use or possession of ANY illegal drugs, tobacco and/or alcohol by any player will result in an automatic dismissal from
the Southside Swarm Volleyball Club. No refund will be issued for such an infraction. This policy extends to home, school,
or where ever!
See Grievance Procedure section for appeal of dismissal.

10. Any player and/or family member damaging equipment owned by The Swarm and/or any facility, team or organization
associated with the Club during practices, tournaments, functions, etc will be required to reimburse the Club and/or
organization for the damages BEFORE any continued participation in the Club. In some cases and at the discretion of the
team’s coach and Club Director, the player may be dismissed from the Club.

11. Any player with a delinquent account may be denied participation in any/all club activities until the account is paid or
arrangements are made with the Club Director. A player’s account must be paid in full prior to receiving any equipment or
uniforms – or participation in any tournaments.