Parents and players are encouraged to contact the coach or club director with questions
or to discuss the plans for this team. A phone number will be provided upon receipt of
your email and contact information.
Swarm 12-Yellow Juniors
2019-20 Swarm Team Overview
To be eligible to play on this team your birthday must be on or after September 1, 2007 - (5-6th Grade)

Team highlights for 2019-20 season include:

  •  Practices - two nights per week
  •  Approximately 6 tournaments and include
  •  6 - 1 Day Tournaments
  •  Heart 2-Day Tournament
  •  2 day Regional Tournament
  •  Two Jerseys (rental)
  •  Team and Individual picture package
  •  Practice location - Southern Lee's Summit area
    Holy Spirit Church Gym
    1800 SW 150 Hwy (west of Ward Rd)
    Lee's Summit, MO  62082
Player Fees also include: Club T-Shirt, Gym Rental, Equipment, Professional Picture Package and Coaching
Be sure to check out the coach bios. Please contact The Swarm with any questions.
Contact The Swarm for additional info or to schedule a player evaluation
2019-20 Player Age Eligibility Guide
The Swarm strives to avoid any hidden expenses. In addition to your player fees, you should expect the
following expenses for the 2019-20 club ball season -
click here
Note: All team fees are based on a roster size of 9 players. If teams choose to carry smaller rosters fees will be adjusted upward
to cover expenses.
What Should I look for when comparing teams and clubs
1. Number of tournaments included in the player fee - do not include tournaments that are dependant on sponsorship.
2. Are multi-day and qualifier tournaments included - MLK, Gold/Silver Heart, Regional Bid, National Qualifier Tournaments?
3. Overall Club Fee and what's included - warmups, jerseys, clubwear, etc. Are you required to buy clubwear?
4. Number of practices and total hours of practice per week.
5. Coach qualifications and resume (Bio).
6. Are players required to do fundraising for the club or purchase fundraising supplies and/or tickets?
7. Are you required to sign a contract? Does the contract attempt to limit your ability to complain about issues with the club, team or coach?
Club Reputation - does the club deliver what was promised?
Player Fee: $1,095
How does The Swarm compare - click here
Asst. Coach
Billie Martin