2018-19 Swarm Compare
The Swarm strives to avoid any hidden expenses. In addition to your player fees, you should expect the
following expenses for the 2018-19 club ball season -
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What Should I look for when comparing teams and clubs
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1. Number of players per team - Swarm teams are based on a maximum of 9-10 players.

2. Number of tournaments included in the player fee - do not include tournaments that are dependant on sponsorship. Swarm teams play a
minimum of 8 tournaments. If a tournament is listed for a team that tournament is included in the team's player fee with no dependencies.

3. Are multi-day and qualifier tournaments included - MLK, Gold/Silver Heart, Regional Bid, National Qualifier Tournaments? These
tournaments are much more expensive than the regular one-day tournaments. These tournaments are specified If included for a Swarm team.

4. Overall Club Fee and what's included - warmups, jerseys, clubwear, etc. Are you required to buy clubwear? Check the "Whats Included"
page or matrix on the Swarm website for each Swarm team. The Swarm offers additional clubwear for sale. However, if The Swarm requires
players to have any of these items they will be included in the player fee - no hidden expenses.

5. Number of practices and total hours of practice per week. Swarm teams practice twice per week. By using a church gym we are able to
hold practices over holiday and school breaks when school gyms are not available.

6. Coach qualifications and resume (Bio). A Bio or resume is avilable for all Swarm coaches. Primarily what you are paying for is
coaching.Our coach Bios have verifable information. The Swarm encourages all potential players to check with parents and players that the
coach has coached in the past as well.

7. Are players required to do fundraising for the club or purchase fundraising supplies and/or tickets? The Swarm does not require anyone to
do fundraising. The Swarm offers fundraising opportunities for those interested, and the money raised goes directly towards that individual
player's fees.

8. Are you required to sign a contract? Does the contract attempt to limit your ability to complain about issues with the club, team or coach?
The Swarm does not require or offer any type of legal contract for committed players. Swarm early commitments are based on an
agreement of intent and a security deposit. All players are required to make a binding commitment to the Swarm through the HOA regional
system in the fall - as with all HOA clubs and teams.

9. Club Reputation - does the club deliver what was promised? How long has the club been around? The Swarm encourages all players
and parents to check out the Swarm by contacting the HOA office, current and past players/families and coaching staff. Over the past nine
years the Swarm has consistently delivered what we promised - and more.
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