2017-18 Player Fund Raising Program
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The Swarm is recognized by the IRS as a Not-For-Profit Corporation. That means that all donations are tax-deductible. The Swarm
solicits both corporate and individual donations to offset player fees. The fees listed below are worst case and may actually be
reduced prior to tryouts as additional donations are received. Note: As a result of donations, the value each player receives is far
greater than the individual player fee listed below.
Player Fees for The Southside Swarm VBC are one of the BEST VALUES in the
Kansas City Area for an HOA competitive Volleyball Club. However, The Swarm
realizes that club volleyball is still a significant amount of money out of the family
budget. Therefore, for the 2017-18 season, The Swarm will offer a fund raising
program for all Swarm players.

Unlike many clubs who offer fund raising activities that benefit the club in
general, The Swarm will offer a fund raising program that will offset the individual
player's fees directly. It's simple - if the individual player sells an item with a $3
profit, the $3 will be credited to the player's individual club fee.  

Ask the Swarm for additional details.